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List of articles of Kushiro Airport Area

Nemuro Nakashibetsu Airport

You can go to Nakashibetsu bus terminal and go to Rausu, Kushiro, Shibecha.

Lake Akan Ainu Theater Ikor

Japan's first Ainu Culture Theater. You can see Ainu ancient dance, puppet show, fire festival etc


penketoo in the foreground and panketoo in the back.


Sogakudai is the place where you can see both Mt.Oakandake in front and Mt.Meakandake in the back.

Kushiro Children’s Museum Kodomo Yugakukan

A facility with a science center such as a planetarium and a children 's hall.

Takimi Bridge

A landmark of autumn leaves. The contrast with the waterfall is beautiful.

Kushiro Kobunkan

It is on the other side of Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf MOO across the Kushiro River.

Kushiro City Museum

Exhibiting the nature and history of Kushiro City.

Kushiro City Museum of Art

Exhibiting permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions.

Coal Mine Museum

This lesser-known spot is essential for a complete understanding of Kushiro's history.

Chiyonoura Marine Park

Fishing park located just east of the huge Kushiro harbor in Kushiro city.

Japanese Crane Observation Center

Because it is a feeding station, about 250 cranes gather in winter in search of food.

Kushiro Mashland Train “Norokko-gou”

A tourist train that operates the Senmō line. (Kushiro 〜 Abashiri).

Itsukushima Shrine

An example festival held three days on 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July every year.

Lake Harutori

Where over 130 species of wild birds fly.

Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido

Basic principle of three arts of picture, nature, region.

Bokke Nature Sightseeing Trail

Bokke. In the meaning of boiling place in Ainu language, it is mud volcano.

Tsurugatai Charanke Chashi

Chashi was "A fence " in Ainu language and it was used for multi purpose purposes such as fort and festival place.

Shibetsu Salmon Museum

The number of salmonid fish exhibits is domestic most.

Lake Mashu 1st Observatory

Transparency in which the word "Mashu-Blue" is born Lake Mashu of Japan No. 1.

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