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List of articles of Sapporo

Sapporo-mura Shrine

The pioneering three God, Okuni-tama-no-kami God, Ona-muchi-no-kami God, sukuna-hikona-no-kami God are enshrined.

Hiraoka Arboriculture Center

Especially cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are wonderful.


Susukino is known as the northernmost red light district in Asia.

Shinsapporo Bus terminal

Shinsapporo Bus terminal

Fukuzumi Bus terminal

Fukuzumi Bus terminal

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

Chitosetsuru Sake Museum

Oyachi Bus Terminal

Oyachi Bus Terminal

Kappa family wishing hand bath

Three times to chant 「 on kappaya unken sowaka 」 Then it is said to come true.

Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo

Sapporo's most contemporary Art.

Hoheikyo Onsen

A large outdoor bath where 200 people can enter at once.

Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort

A ski resort boasting one of the best powder snow and vast slopes in Hokkaido.

Lake Sapporo 1st Observatory

An artificial lake made by Jozankei Dam.

Sapporo Pirka Kotan

Facility appearance Ainu Cultural Exchange Center in Sapporo City

Large statue of a king Kappa, river sprite

A stone statue in Futami Park of Jozankei Onsen Street.

Hoheikyo Dam

It was completed in 1972 for the purpose of flood control and Hydroelectric power of Toyohira River.

Maruyama Koen Bus terminal

Maruyama Koen Bus terminal

Sapporo Art Park

Its purpose is to cultivate unique new culture in Sapporo and create an environment in which the city, the arts, and culture exist in harmony with Sapporo’s natural beauty.

Sapporo Teine

The ski resort in Sapporo city with superb access where you can enjoy high quality powder snow at an altitude of over 1,000m!

Kotoni Tondenhei Residence

The tondenhei (屯田兵) were former samurai recruited from 1874 as farmer-soldiers, to farm and potentially defend Hokkaido.

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