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List of articles of Tokachi area

Jewelry Ice

Jewelry Ice can be seen from mid-January to late February every year at Otsu Beach in Toyokoro.

Tokachishikaoi Geopark Visitor Center

You can learn about how the lands of Tokachi and Shikaoi were formed, and how the people and animals live there.

Michino Eki Urimaku

This Michino Eki is rare in Hokkaido, where you can experience horseriding.

Shikaoi Shrine

Shikaoi Shrine enshrines the god of Japan’s oldest married couple.

Kamishihoro Town Rail Museum

Artifacts of the Japan National Railway Shihoro Line are on display.

Tokachi Millennium Forest

The Millennium Forest evaluated as the most beautiful garden in the world in a English garden contest.

Tokachi Nature Center

You can enjoy outdoor activities in the wilderness of Tokachi.

Tokachigaoka Park

A park with fun wooden athletic playground equipment.

Tokachigaoka Observatory

You can see an amazing view. 10 minutes walk from Tokachigawa Onsen.

Ryugetsu sweetpia garden

The Ryugetsu confectionery factory

Tokachigokoku Shrine

Worshipping the war dead and civilians who rendered distinguished services.

Obihiro Shrine

The guardian angel of Obihiro. It is famous as the god of marriage.

Tokachi Tourist Information Center

A tourist information center in Tokachi on the 2nd floor of Esta East Building at JR Obihiro Station.

Kita-no Yatai

Lined with 20 distinctive stores


The composite facilities that are a collection of Tokachi's charms, located in Obihiro racetrack site.

Kofuku Shrine

Near the Kofuku (happiness) Shrine that is visited by worshippers from around the country, there is the Kofuku (happiness) Station that become famous from the catch phrase "From the land of love to happiness", so taking a tour of "happiness" is recommended.

Obihiro Zoo

The only elephants are bred in the province.

Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art

As the Museum of Art, the fifth art museum.

Obihiro Centennial City Museum

Facility to introduce the history, industry of nature and pioneer of Obihiro, Tokachi

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