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List of articles of Tokachi area

Tokachigawa Garaden Spa

Enjoy hot spring day trip, Tokachi gourmet and souvenir shopping.

Horse Museum

Displaying items and agricultural machinery of the farm horse.

Mt. Me’Akan-dake

At an altitude of 1499 m and by Ainu lenguage called machineshiri. There are several trailheads, but from trailhead Lake Onneto are also used.


The central city of the Tokachi Plains.

Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center

Canadian canoe, Sea kayak, Hot air balloon, Walk in the forest, River watching, Mountaineering, Fishing, Night watching etc.

Lake Shikaribetsu

Popular spot where Kotan village can be made on ice that froze in winter. Daisetsuzan National Park The only natural lake.

Higashitaisetsu Nature Guide Center

Guide center of Not-for-Profit Organization.

Lake Nukabira

An artificial lake made by Nukabira Dam construction.

Naitai Plateau Ranch

It is a nature-filled highland ranch where you can see cattle grazing. We can eat also at the rest house.

Rawan Giant-butterbur Garden

It is a facility to enjoy jumbo Giant-butterbur with height exceeding 2 meters.


Facility concerning Miwa Yoshida of Dreams Come True (Japan band).

Shihoro Traditional Agriculture Museum

Exhibit valuable tools to know the history of Shihoro's agriculture.

Nupuka Hokkaido Shihoro

The scenery from the altitude of 600m is sunny

Hanabatake Farm

Shops selling souvenirs, cafe and whey sweet tea facilities are available.

Nakasatsunai Art Village

Nakasatsunai Art Village where sculptures of museums and restaurants are located in the vast premises of Tokachi district.

Tokachi International Speedway

A motor sports facility located on a hill overlooking the Tokachi plain.

Former Rikubetsu Station

Facility using the Abandoned railway "Furusatogingasen".

The Churui Museum of Naumann’s Elephant

It was built to commemorate the discovery of the fossil of the Naumann's elephant in Chūrui .

Makubetsu Onsen

It is a bath of a sprinkle of 100% natural hot spring without any filtration or additives of Hokkaido.

Tokachi River

It flows through the Tokachi Subprefecture and flows into the Pacific Ocean. It is a A class river of 156 km in length.

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