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List of articles of Animal / Bird

Yakumo Dairy Cattle Rearing Ranch

It is on the hill and you can see the Funkawan bay and Yakumo city area.

Yagishiri Island

The island has population of a little less than 300 people, 25 km west of Haboro.

Thoroughbred Ginza

About an 8 km series of ranches along National Route 235 is an area known as the hometown of racehorses where their lineage rests calmly and continues.

Tomamae Folk Museum

Recreating the scene of the Sankebetsu brown bear incident, which was also turned into a film, also introducing information about the relation between brown bears and human beings using photographs and charts.

Seabird Center

National research facility. The facility does work regarding the protection, mating, activity, and research of seabirds such as the common murre and the tufted puffin.

Teuri Island

A population of a little over 300 people, 30 km west of Haboro, the island has a 12 km circumference.

Naitai Plateau Ranch

It is a nature-filled highland ranch where you can see cattle grazing. We can eat also at the rest house.

Shirarutoro Lake

It is known as a waterfowl paradise even in the Kushiro Wetlands, and it is not frozen even in the midwinter

Toro Nature Center

Guide tour company in Lake Tōroko.

Semposhi Misaki Park

There are fishing spots, beaches, natural sea observation sites.

The Churui Museum of Naumann’s Elephant

It was built to commemorate the discovery of the fossil of the Naumann's elephant in Chūrui .

Bear Mountain

A sightseeing spot that can meet wild Ezo bears who represent Hokkaido.

Lake Kutcharo

In the spring and autumn, it is a beautiful lake of the sunset where thousands of swans fly.

Tonakai Farm

About 60 reindeers live healthily and can feed food (fee) directly from hand. The reindeers originally came over from Finland and are born and raised here now.

Shiretoko Nature Cruise

It is a sightseeing vessel of whale & bird watching in Rausu town.

Kujiranomieruoka Park

A few observation decks that can observe the sperm whale carefully in Japan.

Betsukai Northern Observatory

Hundreds of swans gathered from December to March at the harbor of the Shunbetsugawa River estuary with the Northern Ocean Observation Tower and it is a view point that you can enjoy the graceful appearance up close.

Shadai Stallion Station

Japan's largest ranch for raising stallions (studhorses).

Viva Alpaca Farm

They are kept for their wool-like fiber. Facilities that can interact with alpacas of various colors.

Friendship Farm

There are various horses, ponies, miniature horses, jersey cattle, llama, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens etc. It is open seven days a year free of charge.

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