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List of articles of Animal / Bird

Biei Farm

A ranch putting Jersey cows and Brown Swiss cows out to pasture on a farm of 72 ha.

Ebetsu Tonden Farm

Here you can enjoy experience with pastures where you can interact with lovely animals, shopping for homemade ham · sausage, restaurant with natural food type.

Lake Miyajimanuma

宮島沼(MIYAJIMANUMA)。Early in spring. 70 thousand Bird of departure.

Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch

Brown bear, American black bear, Asian black bear. You can also see the cute little bear in the spring.

Hill of Sheep and Clouds

About 10minute by car from Shibetsu Station.

Lake Tofutsuko

Flying land of the swan.

Japanese Crane Observation Center

Because it is a feeding station, about 250 cranes gather in winter in search of food.

Lake Harutori

Where over 130 species of wild birds fly.

Notoro Misaki Lighthouse

That movie was a blockbuster in 2008 China. It is filming location place of movie "If You Are the One"

Akkeshi Waterfowl Observation Center

We conduct activities to disseminate understanding about conservation of waterbirds and animals and plants, conservation and use of wetlands.

Otowa Bridge

In winter, photography enthusiasts around the world aim at "red-crowned crane" which rests on "Setsuri River" which does not freeze from above the bridge.

Tsurui/Itoh Tancho Sanctuary

A large feeding station where about 200 birds are gathered from December to February every year.

Tsurumidai Plain

Tsurumidai Plain of best time to see from November to March.

Noboribetsu Bear Park

There are more than 140 brown bears .

Kotan Onsen

It is the only place where you can feel an outdoor bath with swans of Kussharo-ko lake.

900 Grassland

This is the scenery of Hokkaido, I will sigh.

Mombetsu Racecourse

Hokkaido racecourse. It is a course of 1600 m in 1 turn around clockwise.

Hidaka Training and Research Center (JRA)

A facility that trains and produces racehorse of Japan Racing Association. There is a in-place tour .

Ecorin village

You can enjoy garden, ranch and restaurant of various themes.

Murakami Farm

A pasture where you can experience milking, ice cream making, butter making etc.

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