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List of articles of Animal / Bird

Northern Natural Flower Garden

From the end of June to the end of July, the flowers of Iris setosa bloom.

Shiretoko Guides pikki

Let's walk in the wilderness of Shiretoko with a guide!


Let's see many wild animals in Shiretoko!

Heidi Farm

A place where you can interact with animals and enjoy various activities!

Lake Utonai Sanctuary “Nature Center”

In 1981, Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) established the first sanctuary of Japan

Lake Utonai

It is famous worldwide as a collective flight area of Anser albifrons and swan.

North Safari Sapporo

An interactive zoo where you can interact with animals

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

This is a spectacular zoo where you can see the animals up-close.

Heidi Farm

As an experiencing pasture, you can meet with animals, especially popular ranch in the family layer of small children.

Obihiro Zoo

The only elephants are bred in the province.


The museum displays an abundant amount related to world heritage site, Shiretoko, including specimens of whales and bears, and materials of the northern tribes.

Habomai Fishing Port Cruise

The easternmost panorama cruise on the mainland overlooking the northern territories.

Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary

We introduce nature of Shunkunitai by slide and display clearly.

Michi-no-Eki “Swan 44 Nemuro”

Located at the entrance to Nemuro. From the glass-lined building, you can overlook "Furen Lake" and "Chun Kukjeong".

Horse Museum

Displaying items and agricultural machinery of the farm horse.

Hakone Farm

The dude ranch where you can have experiences such as milking or making butter.

Ochiishi Natuire Cruise

A popular course where you can enjoy bird watching on a fishing boat.

Tofutsu-ko Waterfowl and Wetland Center

Exhibition on nature, history, culture and use around Tōfutsuko Lake.

Okhotsk Tokkari Center

This is the only marine animal protection facility in japan and it is only keeps seals.

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