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Tokachishikaoi Geopark Visitor Center

You can learn about how the lands of Tokachi and Shikaoi were formed, and how the people and animals live there.

Kamishihoro Town Rail Museum

Artifacts of the Japan National Railway Shihoro Line are on display.

Jozankei Local Museum

On display is information on the history of the Jozankei.

Yubutsu Museum

Approximately 1,000 warriors of Hachioji settled by the Edo Shogunate ordered around 1800 before the Tondenhei soldier arrived at the Hokkaido guards are exhibiting materials.

Tomakomai Science Center

Exhibition of a spare aircraft of the former Soviet space station, "Mir", which has only one machine in the world. You can visit the "Mir" inside the laboratory and the toilet for immobility.

The Hakodate magistrates office

The magistrate's office in the center of Goryokaku park in undergoing partial reconstruction.

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

"Ryoma" thought that the development of Hokkaido has an impact on Japan's development and overseas exchanges Let's go see the statue.

Hakodate City Museum of Northern Peoples

The former Bank of Japan Hakodate branch was renovated.

Hakodate City Museum of Literature

Renovated former Dai-ichi Bank Hakodate Branch.

Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship “Mashu-maru”

A museum ship displaying “Mashu-maru” was actually runned between Aomori and Hakodate.

Municipal Otaru Literature Museum

Materials from Otaru, such as "kobayashi takiji", "itō sei" etc are displayed.

Sapporo Salmon Museum

The facilities where you can learn about Hokkaido's typical fish, the salmon.

Katsugen Shrine

“Katsugen”(The very popular of drink in Hokkaido) is written as a “win source”(勝源,win source), popular with students

Megmilk Snow Brand Museum

Introduce the previously used machine and the model of the current factory.

The Sapporo Kaitakushi Beer Brewery

In 1876, the first Japanese beer making by hand was held here.

Bibai Folk Museum

Exhibit of historical materials tracing nature, industry, culture, people's live of Bibai.


The composite facilities that are a collection of Tokachi's charms, located in Obihiro racetrack site.

Edwin Dun Memorial Museum

Edwin Dun’s ambition and livestock farming technologies are passed on to the current generation through the 130-years-old farming office,which is now a memorial museum.

Hokkaido Museum of Literature

Displaying the works of literary figures connected to Hokkaido. It's in Nakajima Park.

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