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Ebetsu Tonden Museum

This is the building of the second headquarters headquarters.

Ashibetsu Folk Museum

If you want want to see the stars in full sky! Ashibetsu of former coal mine want to go as a starry sky city.

Yumetsumugi Folk Museum

A local museum that communicates the history and culture of Utashina.

Kuriyama Sakamoto Museum

A sudden airplane accident of Mr.Kyu Sakamoto who was a caster of welfare program of Hokkaido. This memorial hall was built to leave memories.

Shintotsukawa Museum

When the Totsugawa village in Nara gets destroyed by heavy rain The villagers 2489 people entered this area, and the record which was pioneered as Shintotsugawa is exhibit.

G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Memorial Museum

Memorial hall on 34th G8 summit held in 2008.

Irie Takasago Shell Midden Museum

A museum introducing materials excavated from Irie Midden and Takasago Midden.

Mimatsu Masao Museum

Masao Mimatsu stared at the birth of Showa Shinzan.

Coal Mine Museum

This lesser-known spot is essential for a complete understanding of Kushiro's history.

Japanese Crane Observation Center

Because it is a feeding station, about 250 cranes gather in winter in search of food.

Old Yoichi Fukuhara gyoba

A fishing ground and a barn (a house) when the surrounding sea flourished with herring fishery. Fukuhara family.

Tokoro Ruins

There are about 3000 pit dwelling traces on a vast site of over 120,000㎡

Kikonai Town Museum “Ikarinkan”

Materials on the history of Kikonai Town are displayed

Shibetsu Salmon Museum

The number of salmonid fish exhibits is domestic most.

Rausu Visitor Center

Introducing the sea, mountains, rivers and culture of Shiretoko. Introduces real nature.

Higashitaisetsu Nature Center

Facilities that introduce flora and fauna and sightseeing spots.

Rokka no Mori

The representative six flower-blooming gardens of Tokachi on Rokkatei's wrapping paper.

Kawayu Eco Museum Center

Can understand nature, animals and plants in the Mashu area of Akan-Mashu National Park.

Kiritappu Wetland Center

Local kelp products (kelp udon, kelp Karinto), fresh cheese, wooden handmade There are a lot of toys and books.

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