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List of articles of Meat dish

Namaramu Jingisukan(fresh lamb Mongolian style BBQ)Yamagoya

Cleanly processing unwanted fatty meat and muscle to make great meat.


Hokkaido's fresh ingredients presented delicately, but boldly as Ezomae sushi and broiled dishes in an innovative culinary form in Otaru

Buffet restaurant Sizzle

Buffet restaurant offering carefully selected ingredients and culinary creations.

BAR Duomo Rosso

Charcuterie and authentic bar with a great view featuring a circular layout and a domed roof


Offering coffee specially brewed with a French press

Asahi Beer Garden

Single item jingis kan (Mongolian mutton BBQ), all you can eat restaurant.

Charcoal grilling and sushi place. Aburiya Sohonten

They carefully cook high quality ingredients of Hokkaido with charcoal to prepare flavorful components to their cuisine.

Authentic Yakiniku (grilled meat)
Nankoen minami 7-jo

Operating for 30 years. It is a famous yakiniku restaurant beloved by the citizens of Hokkaido.

Yakiniku Dining BEEF no MORI

Please enjoy the products of Hokkaido Japanese beef carefully selected by the highly knowledgeable meat processing company.

Kirin Beer Hokkaido Chitose Factory

You can observe the manufacturing process of the draft beer Kirin Ichiban.

Hakone Farm

The dude ranch where you can have experiences such as milking or making butter.

Harvester Yakumo

In the restaurant you can eat Neapolitan pizza baked in a boasted stone kiln, fried chicken with original spices.

Hitsuji no Oka Hill

Genghis Khan facility that can eat Suffolk and visionary milk lamb.

Ebetsu Tonden Farm

Here you can enjoy experience with pastures where you can interact with lovely animals, shopping for homemade ham · sausage, restaurant with natural food type.


A shop originating from Hokkaido 's soul food' Zangi '.

Hakodate Wagyu Beef

Wagyu of "Aka ke Wagyu" produced in Kikonai.

Wakadori Hanmiage Naruto

Freshly deep fried. Plainly salty, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It's eaten as a set meal. It's delicious!

Raymon House

German Carl Weidl-Raymon's authentic ham sausage is popular. 2F is the Raymon's History Exhibition Hall.

California Baby

In the locals it is call "Calibaby". It gained popularity at Cisco Rice.

Restaurant Izumiya Main Store

"Supakatsu" of volume full which has become a topic for tourists as well.

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