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List of articles of Park

Torinuma Park

Torinuma Park, full of nature is located in the suburbs of Furano.


It is called Seven Beach. You can see Mt. Hakodate.

Showa Park

General park for Hakodate citizens.

Midorigaoka Park

It is a big park of 420,000 square meters located about 3 km southwest of the suburbs of the city.

Nishiki Onuma park

A comprehensive park with Nishiki-Onuma and Nishiki-Konuma.

Takuboku Small Park

Ishikawa Takuboku was a renowned Japanese poet.

Moerenuma Park

An art park of Sapporo. Designed by sculptor Isamu Noguchi. Glass pyramid.

Hokkaido Kodomo no Kuni

It is extraordinarily expansive spreading in the backyard of the Sunagawa Highway Oasis, and the excitement that everyone unexpectedly runs does not stop.

Tokachigaoka Park

A park with fun wooden athletic playground equipment.

Shikabe Kanketsusen Park

Every 10 minutes the hot spring blows 500 liters approximately 15 meters into the air at a time.


The park space that is full of nature full of forest, water, grassy plains, and flower gardens.

Hakko Gakuen Iris Garden

The park is open for approximately two weeks of the year. 100,000 irises of 450 kind bloom beautifully.

Ashiribetsu Waterfall

One of the power spots

Jugoshima Park

The popular Jugoshima Park located along Toyohira River.

Monami Park

"Monami park(The algae south park)" is a multi-purpose park in Minami-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido.

Hiraoka Park

Famous for Bairin (white plum, red plum) (late April to mid May)

Gotenzan Park

Multi-purpose park in the quarry ruins of Sapporo where you can enjoy both barbecue and sports coming empty-handed.

Maruyama Park

Maruyama Park which has been loved for a long time.


Royal Guest House.

Hokkaido Museum of Literature

Displaying the works of literary figures connected to Hokkaido. It's in Nakajima Park.

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