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List of articles of Park

Sapporo Concert Hall, Kitara

The music hall of Sapporo citizens.

Sapporo City Astronomical Observatory

The smallest public observatory in Japan.


Approximately 400 year old tea-ceremony house (important cultural property).

Odori Park

It's a beautiful large park speading for about 1.5 km east to west in central Sapporo.

Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park

Hokkaido’s only state-run park.

Aioi Railway Park

The abolished line , you can observe the station building.

Nonno-no-Mori (Citizens’ Forest Nature Park)

You can relax, and enjoy forest therapy.

Meiji Park

A silo using the site of a pasture is symbolic, the second oldest park.

Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary

We introduce nature of Shunkunitai by slide and display clearly.

Indian Water Wheel

You can see salmon swimming upstream through glass windows.

Hamanasu no oka Park

Seaside plants of 180 kinds grow wild in the park of approximately 46 hectares.

Aoba Park

One of Hokkaido's prominent multi-purpose parks rich in nature covering a total area of 102.3 hectares.

Nakafurano Camp Area

Campsite to spend slowly in the nature of Satoyama spreading to 5 minutes on foot from lavender garden.

Nakafurano Flower Park

A lawn park with a fountain adjacent to the town-owned lavender garden. Four seasons flowers bloom.

Holland Windmill

Approximately 220 varieties and 1,200,000 tulips will bloom in the Kamiyuubetsu Tulip Park.

Shikabe Park

There are riverbeds that can play in the river, walking paths, athletic playground equipment, etc. It is popular as a place for people's relaxation.

Hyotannuma Park

The central swamp where Hokkaido Komagatake can be seen is shaped like a gourd.

Misakidai Park

There are hot spring facilities (Misaki Center, and Misaki Hot Spring), an astronomical observatory, an auto camping area, a campground, a park golf course, and also a go-cart ground.

Matusmae Park

Hokkaido's most famous area for Sakura (cherry blossoms) chosen as one of the 100 famous sakura locations in Japan.

Cape Kutsugata Park

Backed by Rishiri Fuji. It makes a great place to take a commemorative picture.

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