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List of articles of Memanbetsu Airport Area

Oshinkoshin Waterfall

It is one of "100 waterfalls in Japan".

Bihoro Museum

Exhibits on the theme of nature, history and agriculture around Bihoro Town.

Bihoro Pass Observatory

From the observation deck of altitude 525 m, you can see "Lake Karudera ", the largest caldera lake in Japan, "Iwo Jima" which erupts plume and "Shiretoko mountain peak" far away.

Holland Windmill

Approximately 220 varieties and 1,200,000 tulips will bloom in the Kamiyuubetsu Tulip Park.

Maruseppu Onsen

Maruseppu Onsen has two hot spring facilities. Also, the Steam locomotive No.21 runs in the park.

Garinko Station

It is the station of the drift ice icebreaker 'Garinko-gō'.

Rokumei Waterfall

It was named from the location condition where the deer comes to drink water.

Setose Onsen

Hot spring quality is a colorless transparent alkaline simple hot spring.

Maruseppu Forest Park Auto Camping Ground

A park filled with greenery that made use of the natural environment.

Cape Hinode

You can see a beautiful morning sun rising from the horizon of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Meruhen Oka Hill

Beautiful of the warm and smiling countryside every season.

Takinoue Ukishima(Floating island)

It is a high marsh with 850 meters above sea level and an area of about 700 hectares, with swamps of various sizes dotted.

Saroma Obsevatory

The only place overlooking Lake Saromako is here.

Shokotsu River

It is a famous river for fishing fans.

Lake Chimikeppu(Campsite)

The variety of plants and birds and beasts of forests is valuable.

Tsubetsu Pass Observatory

Tsubetsu Pass at an altitude of 947m Speaking of the sea of clouds in Hokkaido, Tsubasa Pass will be the best.

Tofutsu-ko Waterfowl and Wetland Center

Exhibition on nature, history, culture and use around Tōfutsuko Lake.

Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido

A museum exhibiting experiencing exhibits and models of drift ice and ocean.

Mombetsu Okhotsk Tower

It is the world's first ice-sea observation tower on the 4th floor of the ocean floor and the 1st floor of the underwater building which is located about 1km from the coast and 10m deep.

Okhotsk Tokkari Center

This is the only marine animal protection facility in japan and it is only keeps seals.

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