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List of articles of Memanbetsu Airport Area

Abashiri Shrine

Let's raise money luck!

Abashiri Municipal Provincial Museum

A museum where you can learn the history and culture of Abashiri.

Flower Garden “Hana-Tento”

A flower garden full of flowers "Hana-Tento" of 3.5 ha slopes. Flowering time is from early July to mid-October.

Bus stop “Abashiri station”

From JR Abashiri Ekimae station towards Shiretoko · Memanbetsu Airport, Lake Saroma, City Bus Tour Bus etc.

JR Kitahama Station

It is filming location place of movie "If You Are the One" .

Notoro Misaki Lighthouse

That movie was a blockbuster in 2008 China. It is filming location place of movie "If You Are the One"

Mt. Tento

A spectacular 360 ° panorama of Abashiri Lake, Notoro Lake, Okhotsk Sea and Shiretoko Mountain Range.

Lake Notoro Salicornia Europaea

Seawater lake communicating with the Sea of Okhotsk. The Salicornia Europaea on the south side. The best time to see is from late August to mid September.

Bus stop “Tentozan”

By bus around the city. Okhotsk Drift Ice Hall, Mt.Tento Observation Deck etc.

Bus stop “Saromako Sakaeura”

Abashiri Bus Terminal → JR Abashiri Station → Sango kusa Entrance → Tokoro Bus Terminal → Sakaeura

Michi-no-Eki “Onneyu Onsen”

Michi-no-Eki "Onneyu Onsen", The Symbol Tower "kamurin" is greeted by dwarfs and pigeons at regular time intervals. A studio that you can enjoy souvenirs, woodwork shops, and craft experiences.

Kitami Tsutsuji Park

Azalea park is also a campground. 3000 azaleas bloom.

Advics Tokoro Curling Hall

In the curling hall where you can also play international matches, once you experience curling, it may be a habit.

Kitami Flower Paradise

About 85 kinds of flowers in the world, about 30,000 trees are planted, free entrance garden.

Tokoro Ruins

There are about 3000 pit dwelling traces on a vast site of over 120,000㎡

Kaoriyanse Park

A park of flowers and herbs along the Tokoro River. More than 50 kinds of herbs are planted around the symbol fountain.

Kitami Takinoyu Onsen

100% natural hot spring colorless transparent weakly alkaline hot spring.

Kitami Tourist Information Center

If you would like to listen to sightseeing information such as places of interest in Kitami, go here first.

Kitami Onsen (Pon-Yu Onsen)

Warm water in an alkaline simple hot spring is hot water that enjoys warm and relaxing.

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