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List of articles of Memanbetsu Airport Area

Lake Komuke

In the summer you can appreciate the alpine plants such as Rosa rugosa and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and the common glasswort as if you laid a red Carpet in autumn.

Seseki Onsen

It is secret hot spring of secret hot spring.

Shiretoko Nature Cruise

It is a sightseeing vessel of whale & bird watching in Rausu town.

Kujiranomieruoka Park

A few observation decks that can observe the sperm whale carefully in Japan.

Rausu Shiokaze Park

High mountain overlooking Kunashir Island.

Rusa Field House

Facilities that provide rules, manner and local real-time information.

Lake Rausu

The largest lake in the Shiretoko Peninsula.

Rausu Folk Museum

Represent of Shiretoko nature. Taxidermy of Blakiston's fish owl and Steller's sea eagle, earthenware and stone tools.

Aidomari Onsen

The northernmost hot spring bath in Japan.

Kumanoyu Onsen

It is a free natural outdoor bath surrounded by virgin forest.

Seseki Waterfall

It is a waterfall at the easternmost end of Japan that can be reached by car.

Shiretoko Odan Road

Road from Shari-cho Utoro to Rausu-chō.

Rausu Kunashiri Observatory

It is a museum that can overlook the magnificent figure of Kunashir Island under the eyes.

Memanbetsu Airport

The doorway to Okhotsk tourism. Flights from Tokyo (Haneda), Nagoya, Chitose are in service.

Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport

The gateway to Okhotsk tourism. About 15 minutes by bus to Monbetsu city, about 70 minutes by bus to Engaru.

Lake Abashiri

The lakeside is a campground. Winter is bustling with fish fishing on ice.

Abashiri Phlox Park

Fifteen thousand of phlox will bloom. The best time in mid August.

Abashiri Oomagari Himawari

This landscape can be seen from Mid September to Early October.

Lake Tofutsuko

Flying land of the swan.

Ryuhyo Glass Museum

Work expressing flowing ice of Okhotsk with glass. Can also experience.

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