Lake Akan Pleasure Boat

To truly appreciate Lake Akan, try a “stroll across the lake surface” on a cruise boat. Available daily from May to November, boats depart about every hour in summer.

Kushiro Station

An important point for Eastern Hokkaido sightseeing traffic.

Tancho Kushiro Airport

It takes about 50 minutes by bus to Kushiro city center and about 70 minutes by bus to Akan Onsen.

Tsurugatai Charanke Chashi

Chashi was “A fence ” in Ainu language and it was used for multi purpose purposes such as fort and festival place.

Itsukushima Shrine

An example festival held three days on 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July every year.

Coal Mine Museum

This lesser-known spot is essential for a complete understanding of Kushiro’s history.


A shop originating from Hokkaido ‘s soul food’ Zangi ‘.

Kushiro Kobunkan

It is on the other side of Kushiro Fisherman’s Wharf MOO across the Kushiro River.

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