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AddressSokodai, Akankohan, Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaidō
Other information
About 15 minutes by car from the Akan Onsen town area go to the Mashu direction
(along National Route 241)
MAPCODE739 414 389
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Map of surrounding areas


  • Mt. Me’Akan-dakeMt. Me’Akan-dake At an altitude of 1499 m and by Ainu lenguage called machineshiri. There are several trailheads, but from trailhead Lake Onneto are also used.
  • Takimi BridgeTakimi Bridge A landmark of autumn leaves. The contrast with the waterfall is beautiful.
  • Ainu villageAinu village Come to understand the state of the Ainu village. Hand-carving folk crafts, and the cuisine of the Ainu.
  • AkanAkan A famous sightseeing spot of Eastern Hokkaido centered around Lake Akan.
  • Kushiro-shi Marshland Observation PlatformKushiro-shi Marshland Observation Platform Suited to those who want to learn deeply about the marshlands through exhibits that include dioramas.
  • Tancho Kushiro AirportTancho Kushiro Airport It takes about 50 minutes by bus to Kushiro city center and about 70 minutes by bus to Akan Onsen.
  • Akan International Crane Center GRUSAkan International Crane Center GRUS Divided into a display corner regarding Japanese cranes and an observation center.
  • Lake Taro and JiroLake Taro and Jiro A beautiful landscape. 10 minutes to climb Taro Lake, and even 10 minutes to Jiro Lake.
  • Restaurant Izumiya Main StoreRestaurant Izumiya Main Store "Supakatsu" of volume full which has become a topic for tourists as well.
  • Lake AkanLake Akan The whole area is included in Akan National Park, and the lake moss balls that are a natural treasure are famous.