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List of articles of Ebetsu

Ebetsu Tonden Farm

Here you can enjoy experience with pastures where you can interact with lovely animals, shopping for homemade ham · sausage, restaurant with natural food type.

Nopporo Tondenhei

This building is a house where the family of tondenhei soldier Yukawa were lived (from Hiroshima) . It is the oldest existing residence, you can also visit in Kotoni, Nishi-ku, Sapporo.

Ebetsu Tonden Museum

This is the building of the second headquarters headquarters.

Ebri Nopporo

A commercial facility of renovation that made use of the building of the former brick factory.

Ebetsu City Ceramic Art Center

Exhibition hall with themes of pottery and bricks.

Ebetsu Machimura Farm Memorial

A place to tell the foundation of Hokkaido dairy farm.

Nopporo Forest Park Visitors Center

Nopporo Visitors center Shinrin Park nature.

Nopporo Shinrin Kouen Prefectural Natural Park

You can see forest, plants and animals all at once.

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