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List of articles of Kamikawa area

Fukiage Onsen

The natural gushing hot spring is free of charge and very popular.

Farm Tomita Lavender East

Another lavender field of Tomita farm.

Tsuchi no Yakata

The history of agriculture, keeping healthy soil, and world tractor display.

Trick Art Museum

The trick art Museum with fun 3D art using optical illusions.

Flower Land Kamifurano

Only here Mt.Tokachi and the flowers can be seen together!

Library of Picture Books

It collects 72,000 books including picture books and general books in total, and has about 800 original drawings of picture books.

Viva Alpaca Farm

They are kept for their wool-like fiber. Facilities that can interact with alpacas of various colors.

Shimokawa Sakuragaoka Park

The great wall of Shimokawa, built brick by brick over 15 years. In winter the park is decorated with illuminations.

Nakagawacho Forest Park

You can overlook Nakagawa city and the Teshio River, and there is a natural walking path and observatory.

Touma Solutional Cave

It is designated as a Hokkaido natural monument.

Ponpira Aqua Ring

The facilities are appropriate for overnight lodgings and day-spa.

Hitsuji no Oka Hill

Genghis Khan facility that can eat Suffolk and visionary milk lamb.

Zerubu no Oka Hill

You can see fields of flowers such as lavender, and sunflowers, with the powerful natural backdrop of mountains such as Mount Asahi and the Tokachi mountain range.

Shikisai no Oka Hill

A flower garden of 7 hectares opens backed by the scenery of the magnificent Daisetsuzan mountain group and hills, making an excellent view.

Ken & Merry Tree

The sightseeing series of the tree of Biei-cho.

Seven Stars Tree

The sightseeing series of the tree of Biei-cho.

Biei Takushinkan

A leading guru introducing Biei to Japan. Mr.Shinzo Maeda's photographer's work is adorned.

Mild Seven no Oka Hill

The sightseeing series of the tree of Biei-cho.

Parents with Child Trees

The sightseeing series of the tree of Biei-cho.

Patchwork Road

Every season is beautiful, but as the seasons change the facial expressions, the place want to visit again and again.

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