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List of articles of Kamikawa area

Panorama Road

Between Biei and Bibaushi, panorama that can see 360 degrees is spreading all around the area.

San-ai-no-Oka view park

A park with an observation station which is small but cozy on the elevated hill.

Mt.Tokachi Observatory

The Mount Tokachi Observatory is at an altitude of 930 meters.

Shirahige Waterfalls

Bear the main stream of the Biei river, draining a few ten thin lines. Rare underground water falls.

Shinei-no-Oka Observatory

The sunset seen here in the middle of the topic of panorama of sightseeing in recent years has a reputation as "Japan's best".

Hokusei no Oka Hill

There is a tourist information center, a glass studio, and stall vendors.

Hill with a red roof

It's the lone red-rooved house sitting between gentle hills.

Biei Shrine

Gaining popularity as the God of matchmaking and successful love.

Chiyoda-no-Oka Observatory

You can see the whole view of Biei hills, Mt.Daisetsuzan.

Friendship Farm

There are various horses, ponies, miniature horses, jersey cattle, llama, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens etc. It is open seven days a year free of charge.

Biei Fudo Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall surrounded by trees on the way of Shirakaba road.

Shinseikan Museum

Shinseikan Museum is the coffee shop art museum, also known as the Kokuta Suda, and Tatsuzo Shimaoka art museum.

Michi-no-Eki Biei “Shirogane Biruke”

In German is said to be "biruke".

Biei Senka

The facility is run by JA Biei. There are Biei vegetables, breads, sweets, and restaurants.


Displaying the everyday items naturally as well as artistic works with a personal touch, relief works and more here in the gallery.

Biei “Norokko-gou”

The popular train which runs between Asahikawa and Furano.

Mizusawa Dam

A dam where many photographers comed.

Biei Farm

A ranch putting Jersey cows and Brown Swiss cows out to pasture on a farm of 72 ha.

Biei Tourist Information Center

Selling souvenirs and offering sightseeing information of Biei.

Lake Chubetsu

Mount Asahi is reflected on the surface of the lake like a mirror on a windless day making a superb view.

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