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List of articles of Kamikawa area

Higashikagura Forest Park

The trees are overflowing so as to surround the centrally located artificial lake, and you can enjoy extraordinary play such as water play and cycling.

Shikishima Waterfall

The Chubetsu River is said to be the Niagara of the East because of its width and sudden drops.

Hagoromo Waterfall

The falls of the river here is No.1 of Hokkaido.

Kitoushi Forset Park

It is in the vast natural park around the mountain mountain.

Asahidake Ski Area

Every year it is open until the end of the Golden Week.

Higashikawa Folk Museum

In addition to the tram which ran in the past, folk materials and old farm equipment are exhibited.

Higashikawa Communication Center

Facilities installed to promote regional promotion, wide area tourism and welfare.

Bifuka Sturgeon Aquarium

As a town promotion project, we aim to harvest caviar and cultivate sturgeon.

Lake Shumarinai

A place where 13 islands float in the lake surrounded by primitive forest with Mount Pissiri behind.

Mikasayama Natural Park

There are campgrounds, park golf courses, children's countries in the park, and the cheers of the children echoes.

Eco Museum Osashima Center

Over 100 works of Mr. Sunazawa Bikki, a master of contemporary sculpture world, are on exhibition.

Tomamu Unkai Terrace(Sea of Clouds)

You can enjoy coffee while watching the magnificent sea of clouds spreading under your eyes.

Hill of Sheep and Clouds

About 10minute by car from Shibetsu Station.

Furano Marche

Furano Marche became completely famous. It is a compound commercial facility.

Furano Wine House

A restaurant on the hill where you can see Furano city.

Taisetsu Tsuribori Fishing Pond

You can eat it by catching Rainbow trout, Cherry hybrid salmon, charr etc etc. (Chargeable)

Kiyokawa Skunk Cabbage Garden

Birthplace of the white skunk-cabbage, best time to see in the middle of May.

The Bell or Espoir

The hope bell at the Taisetsu Observatory. Every day three times o'clock from 9 am echoes the sound of the bell telling the time.

Ice Pavillion

Facilities that can enjoy the cold experience all year round.

Ukishima Marsh

A wetland of highlands with few quantities in Japan.

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