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List of articles of Kamikawa area

Bus stop”Asahidake”

Shuttle bus "Ideyugo" from Asahikawa station,through the Asahikawa Airport.

Asahikawa Tourism and Local Products Information Center

Tourist Information Center in Asahikawa Eastern Concourse

Asahikawa Dohoku Bus terminal

Sounkyo - Akan - Kushiro, Sounkyo - Obihiro, Onsen - Kitami bus stop

Asahikawa General Tourist Information Center(Asa Terrace)

Tourist information center in town. Various sightseeing brochures are also substantial. There is a rest space.

Michi-no-Eki “Asahikawa”

Sale of special products of North Hokkaido and Asahiyama Zoo goods. We also have sightseeing brochures.

Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art

A museum introducing mainly the art of Northern Hokkaido.

San-Roku Street

The largest entertainment area in the Northern Hokkaido District.

Kamikawa Jinja Shrine

Power spot for business prosperity, and luck with money.

Hokkaido Gokoku Shrine

Shrine for worshipping the national martyrs such as the war dead of Hokkaido and Sakhalin.

Starffin Stadium

The baseball stadium built in commemoration of Japan's first foreign pro pitcher, Victor Starffin.


Renovated old brick warehouse.

Tokiwa Park

Asahikawa civic park. Events are also held here.

Shujitsu no Oka Hill

Representative viewpoint of Asahikawa, vast hilly land.


One of Asahikawa Hakkei, a scenic spot where both the Ishikari River banks are beautiful.

Arashiyama Observatory(Arashiyama park)

It is a popular spot for night view and fireworks sightseeing, which can overlook Asahikawa.

Asahibashi Bridge

The iron built bridge made sturdy enough for trains.

Kita no Arashiyama

The special village where many ceramic artists live and work.

Takasago Meiji Sake Brewery

When people hear the name of Takasago Shuzo sake brewer, everyone thinks of Kokushimuso, its the most popular sake brand.

Asahikawa Ramen Village

A gathering of Asahikawa's 8 popular city restaurants. It's one place to check out when exploring Asahikawa's culinary delights!

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