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List of articles of Shibecha


It is a large ranch where you can see the rare "360 ° horizon" in Hokkaido.

Kottaro Marsh Viewpoints

It is a place where you can see the "Kottaro Marsh" which is said to keep the primeval of the nature.

Shirarutoro Lake

It is known as a waterfowl paradise even in the Kushiro Wetlands, and it is not frozen even in the midwinter

Sarubo Observatory

It is a view point that can overlook Lake Torogo and wetlands with 360 degree panorama.

Sarurun Observatory

You can look the four swamps of Sarurun swamp, pontō, Eoruto swamp, makuntō.

Toro Nature Center

Guide tour company in Lake Tōroko.

Lake Toro

The largest sea lake in Kushiro Wetland.

Kushiro River

Class A river(Japan) flowing in Konsen Plateau.

Toroko Eco Museum Center

You can see the structure, history, animals and plants etc of "Kushiro Wetland".

Kushiro Wetlands

Kushiro wetlands is the largest wetland in Japan with a total area of 18,290 ha, you can see the old Nature.

Kushiroshitsugen National Park

A national park of East Hokkaido.

Akan-Mashu National Park

A national park of East Hokkaido.

Toro Station


Shibecha Station

The station which SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen-gou stop in winter.

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