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List of articles of Teshikaga

Watanabe experience Farm

This farm is a certified national dairy farming educational farm.

National Park Tourism Teshikaga

We produce "Travel" of Teshikaga while considering environmental conservation, and convey to tourists the unique attractions of the region such as the natural environment and historical culture.

Watanabe experience Farm

This farm is a certified national dairy farming educational farm. It offers many enjoyable programs to experience learning about nature.


A famous sightseeing spot of Eastern Hokkaido around Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo.

Biwase Observatory

Because it is located on the hill of Kiritappu Wetland, it can 360 degree field of view.

Kiritappu Wetland

One of the country's leading wetlands with a size of 3,168 ha. It is designated as a Hokkaido nature park.

Kushiro River

Class A river(Japan) flowing in Konsen Plateau.

Lake Mashu 1st Observatory

Transparency in which the word "Mashu-Blue" is born Lake Mashu of Japan No. 1.

Kawayu Eco Museum Center

Can understand nature, animals and plants in the Mashu area of Akan-Mashu National Park.

Otowa Bridge

In winter, photography enthusiasts around the world aim at "red-crowned crane" which rests on "Setsuri River" which does not freeze from above the bridge.

Taiho Sumo Museum

It was built in commemoration of childhood spent in "Kawayu".

Kawayu Onsen Foot Bath

Because it is one of the best quality springs in Japan,so try and have an experience.

Lake Mashu

Boasting one of the world's most transparent, its color is called "Mashu Blue".

Kawayu Yunokawa Enchi

It is a park with free foot bath.


This is a swamp in the south of Sulphur Mountain.

Lake Kussharo

Japan's largest caldera lake.

Mt. Ioh

You can climb near the crater of sulfur.

Kotan Onsen

It is the only place where you can feel an outdoor bath with swans of Kussharo-ko lake.

JR Kawayu-Onsen station

JR Kawayu Onsen station

Mt. Pon-pon

When standing on the hill stepping on the ground, it is said that a voice will be heard as if it were a hollow inside.

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