Watanabetaiken Farm

This farm is a certified national dairy farming educational farm. You can learn about the symbiotic relationship between people and nature, the importance of food and the warmth of life while being in direct contact with cows. It offers many enjoyable programs to experience learning about nature.



Lake Mashu Sky Cruise

●Period:August 4 – August 24
●Time:9:30a.m. – 4:30p.m.
●Reception:9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
Trial Course(3 min.)

Lake Mashu Course(7 min.)

Lake Mashu & Mt. Mashu (Kamui-nupuri) Course(12 min.)

Lake Kussharo Course(10 min.)


* The smallest number of passengers for the above courses is 2.
* Please be aware that flights may not be possible due to weather conditions, helicopter unavailability etc.
* Aside from the above courses, we prepare courses for areas such as the Kushiro Marshland (from 1 passenger) as chartered courses.



Single Experiences

Milking (with milk)  1,296yen


Feeding (with 1 bag of cow feed)  324yen


Walking with a Calf  648yen


Ice-cream Making (for 2 people)  1,296yen



Experience Courses

●Milking and Grassland Tour by Tractor Course

・Milking・Milk Tasting・Grassland Tour by Tractor・Feeding

40 minutes duration

1,620 yen per person


●Butter Making, Tractor Ride and Feeding Course

・Butter Making・Milk Tasting・Grassland Tour by Tractor・Feeding

30 minutes duration

1,265 yen per person (free for those aged 2 years and below)



Gourmet Menu Items

Cow Breast Milk 230yen


Soft Serve Ice Cream 300yen


AddressGenya 646-4, Teshikaga-cho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido
Correspondence languageJapanese 

Map of surrounding areas


  • Lake MashuLake Mashu Boasting one of the world's most transparent, its color is called "Mashu Blue".
  • Mt. Pon-ponMt. Pon-pon When standing on the hill stepping on the ground, it is said that a voice will be heard as if it were a hollow inside.
  • Lake Mashu Rest HouseLake Mashu Rest House "Lake Mushu" in the fog, is it fog today? Is it sunny? I'm looking forward to either one.
  • Kawayu Eco Museum CenterKawayu Eco Museum Center Can understand nature, animals and plants in the Mashu area of Akan-Mashu National Park.
  • Sunayu(Kussharo-ko)Sunayu(Kussharo-ko) When digging the sand of the lake side here about 10 cm, a hot spring gushes.
  • Mt. IohMt. Ioh You can climb near the crater of sulfur.
  • Wakoto PeninsulaWakoto Peninsula The Wakoto Peninsula protruding in Lake Kussharo Ko is mysterious.
  • Taiho Sumo MuseumTaiho Sumo Museum It was built in commemoration of childhood spent in "Kawayu".
  • Mt. MashuMt. Mashu Altitude 857 m. Mt. Mashu
  • Wakoto OnsenWakoto Onsen Let's get in after checking the condition of hot water.