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Otowa Bridge

The picture captivated the world.
In winter, photography enthusiasts around the world aim at "red-crowned crane" which rests on "Setsuri River" which does not freeze from above the bridge.



The point where observation and shooting can be taken without threatening the roost of "Red-crowned crane" only.

Although the number of "Red-crowned crane" changes according to the season, the appearance floating in the river mist of midwinter is fantastic and will be deprived of heart.



Another popular viewing point can be found on Otowa Bridge, which traverses the Setsuri River as it flows through Tsurui Village.

In the early morning hours the bridge offers spectacular views of the red-crowned cranes shrouded in river mist.

In order to take a good picture, trying to feed, surprise, enter, absolutely not trying .
Daisanchiku, Shimosetsuri, Tsurui Village

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