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List of articles of Nemuro

Northern Natural Flower Garden

From the end of June to the end of July, the flowers of Iris setosa bloom.

Kotohira Shrine

Takadaya Koubei was erected in 1806 in hope of public safety. The annual festival is one of the three major festivals in Hokkaido.

Habomai Fishing Port Cruise

The easternmost panorama cruise on the mainland overlooking the northern territories.

Meiji Park

A silo using the site of a pasture is symbolic, the second oldest park.

Museum of History and Nature

Collection, storage and exhibition of natural materials and history of Nemuro City and its surroundings.

Four Northern Islands Exchange Center

It displays materials on the history of northern four islands and Russian culture.

Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary

We introduce nature of Shunkunitai by slide and display clearly.

Nemuro Hoppokan

It is located in Bokyonomisaki Park,

Yururi Island

Because it was a long desert island, unspoiled nature is abundantly left. You can not land.

Lake Onneto

A brackish lake of around 15 km. The view from Innenuma Ohashi is superb

Cape Ochiishi

Located at the base of the Nemuro Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, an inland part of the Pacific Ocean is a national special natural monument

Lake Choubushi

The promenade is around 5km around. Enjoy hiking and bird watching. He is healed by 45 Kannon statues on the roadside.

Hamamatsu Beach

A flock of gulls. Yururi and Moyuri islands can be seen offshore.

Nemuro Peninsula Chashi Ruins

"Chassi" means "fence fence" in Ainu language. A representative of 32 Chassi in Nemuro city. It is possible to observe.

Home Run Yaki

A baked sweet containing "Sweet bean paste" with a size of about 6 cm in diameter.

Hanasaki Fishing Port

The port of Nemuro known for landing Hanasaki crabs. Sanma's landing is also the best in Japan.

Michi-no-Eki “Swan 44 Nemuro”

Located at the entrance to Nemuro. From the glass-lined building, you can overlook "Furen Lake" and "Chun Kukjeong".

Nemuro Tourist Information Center

Information on Nemuro Tourism is here first. There is also a terminal for local buses and tourist buses.


It is the easternmost town of Hokkaido.

Ochiishi Natuire Cruise

A popular course where you can enjoy bird watching on a fishing boat.

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