Michi-no-Eki “Swan 44 Nemuro”

It is located on Route 44, which is the entrance to Nemuro. From the fully glazed facility, you can overlook the “Furenko” and “Chunkuni-don”, one of Japan’s foremost treasure troves of wild birds, and you can observe Tanchos and Great Swans.
The souvenir corner is also fulfilling.


Address1 Rakuyō, Nemuro, Hokkaido
Business hoursApril-June, October 9:00-17:00
July-September 9: 00-18: 00
November to March 9:00 to 16:00

Map of surrounding areas


  • Museum of History and NatureMuseum of History and Nature Collection, storage and exhibition of natural materials and history of Nemuro City and its surroundings.
  • Cape OchiishiCape Ochiishi Located at the base of the Nemuro Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, an inland part of the Pacific Ocean is a national special natural monument
  • Ochiishi Natuire CruiseOchiishi Natuire Cruise A popular course where you can enjoy bird watching on a fishing boat.
  • Habomai Fishing Port CruiseHabomai Fishing Port Cruise The easternmost panorama cruise on the mainland overlooking the northern territories.
  • NemuroNemuro It is the easternmost town of Hokkaido.
  • Nemuro HoppokanNemuro Hoppokan It is located in Bokyonomisaki Park,
  • Nemuro Tourist Information CenterNemuro Tourist Information Center Information on Nemuro Tourism is here first. There is also a terminal for local buses and tourist buses.
  • Meiji ParkMeiji Park A silo using the site of a pasture is symbolic, the second oldest park.
  • Home Run YakiHome Run Yaki A baked sweet containing "Sweet bean paste" with a size of about 6 cm in diameter.
  • Lake FurenLake Furen It is surrounded by diverse nature including vast wetland, forests and sand dunes.