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List of articles of Okhotsk area

Road Side Rest Area Utoro-Shirietoku

Please drop by here before heading out for sightseeing in Shiretoko!

Shiretoko Guides pikki

Let's walk in the wilderness of Shiretoko with a guide!


Let's see many wild animals in Shiretoko!

Nonno-no-Mori Nature Center

Why do not you experience the starry sky and the sea of clouds?

Abashiri Drift Ice Sightseeing & Icebreaker Ship

An icebreaker traveling in the drift ice. That power is the most popular in winter.

Abashiri Prison Museum

An open air museum, relocates buildings of priso that have been used since the Meiji period.

Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum

You can experience of Drift Ice, that is only here.

Kitami Bus Terminal

Kitami Bus terminal


A central city of East Hokkaido where nature has been left untouched, Kitami.


Abashiri that is famous for its icebreaker that advances through drift ice.

Abashiri Bus Terminal

From JR Abashiri Ekimae station towards Shiretoko · Memanbetsu Airport, Lake Saroma, City Bus Tour Bus etc.

Kitami Station


Tsubetsu Woodcraft Museum Kinosu

Closed for repair work until April, 2019.


The museum displays an abundant amount related to world heritage site, Shiretoko, including specimens of whales and bears, and materials of the northern tribes.


It is showroom & antenna shop of Yamagami Mokko.

Aioi Railway Park

The abolished line , you can observe the station building.

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