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List of articles of Tsubetsu

Nonno-no-Mori Nature Center

Why do not you experience the starry sky and the sea of clouds?

Tsubetsu Woodcraft Museum Kinosu

Closed for repair work until April, 2019.


It is showroom & antenna shop of Yamagami Mokko.

Aioi Railway Park

The abolished line , you can observe the station building.

Michinoeki (Roadside Station) Aioi

The local sweet food called kumayaki is popular.

Meet in Tsubetsu
(Accommodation experience exchange facility)

The training and research facilities comprise of 22 rooms including the main building and new buildings.

(Tsubetsu-cho Multi-purpose Center)

Tsubetsu-cho Multi-purpose Center

Tsubetsu Glestain Ski Resort
(Summer skiing)

There is a skiing area for use in summer wher you can slide down on an artificial mat covered slopeartificial mat using roller skis.

Shigechan Land

It is the private art museum with a mysterious atmosphere.

Nonno-no-Mori (Citizens’ Forest Nature Park)

You can relax, and enjoy forest therapy.

Tsubetsu Forest of the 21st Century (Campsite)

You can come in contact with the trees and nature in various styles.

Giant Oak Tree (Futaba Oak)

The power spot that is not inferior to Yaku cedar of Yakushima either, the best Quercus crispula large oak tree.

The twins’ cherry blossoms

Please come see them when they are in full blossom.

Rokumei Waterfall

The waterfall of the Chimikeppu River.


Tsubetsu, the so-called town of lumber between Kitami and Kushiro.

Moritsubetsu Hotel

Alkaline spring quality hot water for beauty.

Lake Chimikeppu(Campsite)

The variety of plants and birds and beasts of forests is valuable.

Tsubetsu Pass Observatory

Tsubetsu Pass at an altitude of 947m Speaking of the sea of clouds in Hokkaido, Tsubasa Pass will be the best.

Akan-Mashu National Park

A national park of East Hokkaido.

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