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List of articles of Hakodate

AEON Yunokawa

Locally popular suburban stores.

MaxValu Wakamatsu

It is a supermarket shopping area around Hakodate Station.

Uni Murakami Hakodate ekimae restaurant

You can eat a numerous sea urchin dishes drawing the taste of the sea urchin.

Uni Murakami Hakodate Main Store

Japan’s one and only sea urchin processor direct specialty sea urchin cuisine restaurant.

Hakodate Gokoku Shrine

Worshipping the self-immolated government troops from the battle of Hakodate in the Tokugawa days.

Showa Park

General park for Hakodate citizens.

Shiraito waterfalls

I defy you to find a more atmospheric waterfall than the incredible Furube Otaki.

Cape Tachimachi

A cape located at the southeastern end of Mt.Hakodate. You can get there after a 15-minute walk from the tram terminal.

Yachigashira Onsen

There is a Cafeteria. Towel, shampoo etc, and "empty-handed set (500 yen)".

Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine

This shrine stands in a quiet, bracing environment surrounded by the forest of Mt. Hakodate.

The Statue of Kahei Takadaya

Investigate the Kunashir , Iturup island and open up a good fishery route.


A scenic garden for gazing of far into the park. A place to appreciate flowers.

The Hakodate magistrates office

The magistrate's office in the center of Goryokaku park in undergoing partial reconstruction.

Old Soma Residence

The private residence of Hokkaido's wealthiest merchant Souma Teppei, is one of Hokkaido's wealthiest mansions.

Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

"Ryoma" thought that the development of Hokkaido has an impact on Japan's development and overseas exchanges Let's go see the statue.

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church

One of four churches in the Hakodate Motomachi district.

Shinsengumi-tonsyo(Site of Military stations site of Shinsengumi)

Former Shomyo-ji Temple. Next to Hakodate Hotel.

The Poem Monument of Yosano Hiroshi and Yosano Akiko

Cape Tachimachi monument inscribed in andesite with a Tanka poem by modern poets, the Yosano couple.

Future Center Hakodate

Filled with contents utilizing the forefront of science and technology!


The fort (small fortress) which was set in order for the old Shogunate forces to protect Goryokaku Fort.

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