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List of articles of Hakodate

Azumazaka slope

A slope with Hakodate Chinese Memorial Hall.

Nanbuzaka slope

The slope to Hakodate-yama Ropeway.

Hakodate Iai Gakuin

An integrated school for junior high school and high school. Commonly appearing on CM and movie shooting in American style architecture with entrance porch impressive.

Hakodate High School

Hakodate High School.

Hakodate Nishi High School

Hakodate Nishi High School.

Hakodate City Central Library

Hakodate City Central Library

Hakodate International Foundation

We are engaged in related business related to international exchange. It is used for many visitors from abroad.

Hakodate Community Design Center

We send regional information such as tourist information, citizen exchange events, classrooms, citizen activity support.

Former Hotel Chuo-so

Former Hotel Chuo-so

Former Umezu Shoten

When the "Jujigai" was the central area of Hakodate Economy, it was a shop that succeeded dealing with rare western alcoholic drinks and foods.

Gokoku Jinjazaka slope

One of Hakodate 18 slope, leading to the Gokoku shrine.

Hakodate Motomachi Minatogaoka Church

It is a Gothic style church opposite the Restaurant Gotoken-older building.

Higashihongan-ji Temple Hakodate Branch

Front of the facilities 33 meters.

JR Goryokaku station

JR Goryokaku station

Hakodate Airport

The gateway to the sky of the international tourist city "Hakodate". Direct flights from Taipei are in service on international flights.

Motomachi Park Brochure Booth

Brochures are distributed at this location.

Motoizaka slope

Take a picture of Mt.Hakodate from foot of the mountain?

Chacha Slope

If you climb the "Daisan-saka" is next to "Hachiman-saka" can find it. "Chacha" which means grandfather.

Toyokawa Inari Shrine(Hakodate)

Toyokawa Inari Shrine(Hakodate)

Goryokaku Park

The star-shaped fort Japanese castle. The part of the former Hakodate Magistrate’s Office in the center.

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