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List of articles of Wakkanai

Michi-no-Eki “Wakkanai”

This is the northernmost roadside station in Japan located at the end of Route 40, which is connected with JR Wakkanai Station.


The town on the border with Russia with Cape Soya, Japan's northernmost point.

Kita Color

There are select shop, kids room etc. selling tourist information office and Kitakara limited suit.

Wakkanai Youth & Children’s Science Museum

There are northernmost observatories and planetarium in Japan.

Noshappu Aquarium

The 100th largest aquarium in Japan.

Wakkanai Centennial Memorial Tower

Building on the hill of Wakkanai Park 80m above ground above sea level 250m building.

Souya-Highland White Road

A white road going straight toward the blue sea.

Wakkanai Breakwater Dome

It is a breakwater with a height of about 14 meters and a length of 427 meters.

Hokumon Shrine

Historic shrine in Wakkanai

Wakkanai Inori No To Tower

A monument built to wish for the world's permanent peace

Soya Misaki Heiwa Park

There are numerous monuments including monuments of the northernmost tip of Japan.

Karafuto Shokudo

It is a cafeteria spread in word riders' reviews with a catchphrase "unbeatable sea urchin rice bowl".

Wakkanai Ferry Terminal

Ferry terminal for Rishiri Island, Rebun Island.

Monument of the northernmost Point of Japan

A monument marking the "tip of the northernmost tip of Japan" at the tip of Soya Cape, 45 degrees 31 minutes 22 seconds north latitude.

Wakkanai Airport

The entrance to Dōhoku, Rishiri, Rebun. It takes about 30 minutes by bus to Wakkanai city and ferry terminal.

Cape Noshappu

One of the most famous sunset spot in Hokkaido.

Cape Soya

Northern latitude 45 degrees, the northernmost tip of Japan is located at the tip of Soya Cape.

Wakkanai Park Hyosetsu no Mon

Memorial monument of those who passed away in Sakhalin.

Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park

The northernmost national park in Japan.

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