Hokusei no Oka Hill

There is a tourist information center, a glass studio, and stall vendors.

You can see the whole view of the hilly areas and the Daisetsuzan mountain group from the pyramid-shaped observatory.



AddressOkubokyosei, Omura, Biei-cho, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido
Business hours24 hours
Toilet use period late April to early November
(North-West Hill Tourist Information Center is from May to October)
Other information


About 35 minutes on foot from JR Biei Station 2.5 km

Map of surrounding areas


  • Shikisai no Oka HillShikisai no Oka Hill A flower garden of 7 hectares opens backed by the scenery of the magnificent Daisetsuzan mountain group and hills, making an excellent view.
  • Zerubu no Oka HillZerubu no Oka Hill You can see fields of flowers such as lavender, and sunflowers, with the powerful natural backdrop of mountains such as Mount Asahi and the Tokachi mountain range.
  • Hill with a red roofHill with a red roof It's the lone red-rooved house sitting between gentle hills.
  • Mild Seven no Oka HillMild Seven no Oka Hill The sightseeing series of the tree of Biei-cho.
  • Chiyoda-no-Oka ObservatoryChiyoda-no-Oka Observatory You can see the whole view of Biei hills, Mt.Daisetsuzan.
  • Friendship FarmFriendship Farm There are various horses, ponies, miniature horses, jersey cattle, llama, sheep, goats, rabbits, chickens etc. It is open seven days a year free of charge.
  • Patchwork RoadPatchwork Road Every season is beautiful, but as the seasons change the facial expressions, the place want to visit again and again.
  • Biei ShrineBiei Shrine Gaining popularity as the God of matchmaking and successful love.
  • Sevn Stars TreeSevn Stars Tree The sightseeing series of the tree of Biei-cho.
  • Shinei-no-Oka ObservatoryShinei-no-Oka Observatory The sunset seen here in the middle of the topic of panorama of sightseeing in recent years has a reputation as "Japan's best".