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Orito-hama Beach

The beach is part of the Matsumae Yaguchi Nature Park and is located in Matsumae Town.

Jewelry Ice

Jewelry Ice can be seen from mid-January to late February every year at Otsu Beach in Toyokoro.

Torinuma Park

Torinuma Park, full of nature is located in the suburbs of Furano.

National Park Tourism Teshikaga

We produce "Travel" of Teshikaga while considering environmental conservation, and convey to tourists the unique attractions of the region such as the natural environment and historical culture.

Nonno-no-Mori Nature Center

Why do not you experience the starry sky and the sea of clouds?

Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine

This shrine stands in a quiet, bracing environment surrounded by the forest of Mt. Hakodate.

Tomakomai Garo Gorge

It is a sightseeing spot in Hokkaido which can be said to be a perfect hole.

Lake Utonai

It is famous worldwide as a collective flight area of Anser albifrons and swan.


A scenic garden for gazing of far into the park. A place to appreciate flowers.

Abashiri Drift Ice Sightseeing & Icebreaker Ship

An icebreaker traveling in the drift ice. That power is the most popular in winter.

Takuboku Small Park

Ishikawa Takuboku was a renowned Japanese poet.

Mt. Esan

An active volcano designated by Esan Prefectural Natural Park.

Mt. Hakodate

One of world's three biggest night views. The contrast of the light of the city area and the darkness of the sea on both sides is beautiful.

Ginkgo Avenue, Hokkaido University

In the end of October the golden color stained in a row of trees

Poplar Avenue, Hokkaido University

Scenery of Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture depicted in landscape paintings and picture postcards.

Chobo no Oka (Lookout Hill)

There are 1.3 million sunflowers seen from the low hill located in the back.

Lake Shuparo

An artificial dam lake. Autumn leaves spot.

Shikabe Kanketsusen Park

Every 10 minutes the hot spring blows 500 liters approximately 15 meters into the air at a time.


The park space that is full of nature full of forest, water, grassy plains, and flower gardens.

The twins’ cherry blossoms

Please come see them when they are in full blossom.

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