Ikeda Wine Castle

A research facility that studied wine making in the first vineyard cultivation grape in Hokkaido.
Wine in Ikeda Town became a representative of Hokkaido.



Address83-4 Kiyomi, Ikeda-chō, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaidō
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About 8 minutes on foot from JR Ikeda station

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Map of surrounding areas


  • DCT Garden IKEDADCT Garden IKEDA Facility concerning Miwa Yoshida of Dreams Come True (Japan band).
  • Furano Wine HouseFurano Wine House A restaurant on the hill where you can see Furano city.
  • Matsumae CastleMatsumae Castle Matsumae castle with triple castle tower is expansion and renovation of former Fukuyama pavilion.
  • AkanAkan A famous sightseeing spot of Eastern Hokkaido centered around Lake Akan.
  • Mt. Me’Akan-dakeMt. Me’Akan-dake At an altitude of 1499 m and by Ainu lenguage called machineshiri. There are several trailheads, but from trailhead Lake Onneto are also used.
  • Nakafurano BankanoyuNakafurano Bankanoyu The only hot spring facility in Nakafurano cho. An outdoor bath that is watching the Tokachi dake mountain range is popular.
  • Lake Taro and JiroLake Taro and Jiro A beautiful landscape. 10 minutes to climb Taro Lake, and even 10 minutes to Jiro Lake.
  • Michi-no-Eki “Akan Tancho no Sato (Crane’s Terrace)Michi-no-Eki “Akan Tancho no Sato (Crane’s Terrace) There are tourist information, local product sales corner.
  • Abashiri Prison MuseumAbashiri Prison Museum An open air museum, relocates buildings of priso that have been used since the Meiji period.
  • Furano Landscape GalleryFurano Landscape Gallery Shuichi Okuda's atelier. Landscape painting museum.