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Kushiro Mashland Train “Norokko-gou”

A tourist train that operates the Senmō line. (Kushiro 〜 Abashiri).

Operation schedule

There is also a general railway.
It runs between Higashukushiro and Abashiri in the Senmō line.
Higashikushiro - Kushiro Wetland - Tōro, also You can go to Kawayu Onsen by this train.
You also can go to Shari and get a bus go to Utoro from Shari Station.

☆Recommendation ... Norokko.2 to Toro, Canoe to Kushiro River, and Norokko.3 to return from Hosooka to Kushiro. Great satisfaction course!
Hokkaido Senmō Line Kushiro Station - Toro Station and Kawayu Onsen Station.

Railway Fee
Kushiro - Kushiro Wetland : 360 yen + designated seat 520 yen
Kushiro - Toro : 540 yen + designated seat 520 yen

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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