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List of articles of Marsh

Uryunuma-shitsugen Marsh

One of Hokkaido's secret bases. Alpine plants can be seen.

Lake Takkobu

It is the smallest freshwater lake in the south of Kushiro Wetland San Lake (Tōroko Lake, Shirarutoro Lake, takkobuko Lake).

Takinoue Ukishima(Floating island)

It is a high marsh with 850 meters above sea level and an area of about 700 hectares, with swamps of various sizes dotted.

Biwase Observatory

Because it is located on the hill of Kiritappu Wetland, it can 360 degree field of view.

Kiritappu Wetland

One of the country's leading wetlands with a size of 3,168 ha. It is designated as a Hokkaido nature park.

Kottaro Marsh Viewpoints

It is a place where you can see the "Kottaro Marsh" which is said to keep the primeval of the nature.

Lake Toro

The largest sea lake in Kushiro Wetland.

Pogawa Historical Grassland

This is the cultural landscape before Hokkaido develop and you can experience the cultural landscape.

Sarobetsu Wetland Center

It has a tree road where you can walk in the wetlands, a rest house and so on.

Ukishima Marsh

A wetland of highlands with few quantities in Japan.

Kushiro Mashland Train “Norokko-gou”

A tourist train that operates the Senmō line. (Kushiro 〜 Abashiri).

Kiritappu Wetland Center

Local kelp products (kelp udon, kelp Karinto), fresh cheese, wooden handmade There are a lot of toys and books.

Hoso-oka Observatory and Visitor’s Lounge

The observatory is located about 20 minutes on foot from JR Kushiro Shitsugen Station. This is also a popular spot to observe the sunset.

Toroko Eco Museum Center

You can see the structure, history, animals and plants etc of "Kushiro Wetland".

Onnenai High Rise Layer Marshland Group Area(Onnenai trails)

You will be surprised at the way to the Onnenai Visitor Center.

Onnenai Visitor Center

There is a visitor center in the back where you got off the wooden stairs from the parking lot.

Kushiro Wetlands

Kushiro wetlands is the largest wetland in Japan with a total area of 18,290 ha, you can see the old Nature.

Kushiroshitsugen National Park

A national park of East Hokkaido.

Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park

A park facing the Sea of Japan on the West Hokkaido side.

Akkeshi Kiritappu Konbumori Quasi-National Park

A rare park where you can view alpine plants, shore-plants, and marshland plants.

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