Lake Chubetsu

Here is a superb view.

There are several places with parking lots where you can view around the dam lake, and with the magnificent nature, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the changing four seasons.

Mount Asahi is reflected on the surface of the lake like a mirror on a windless day making a superb view.



AddressChubetsu Lake, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido

Map of surrounding areas


  • Higashikagura Forest ParkHigashikagura Forest Park The trees are overflowing so as to surround the centrally located artificial lake, and you can enjoy extraordinary play such as water play and cycling.
  • Asahikawa AirportAsahikawa Airport Asahikawa Airport , is a single-runway regional airport in Hokkaidō, Japan, straddling the cities of Asahikawa and Higashikagura.
  • Roadside Station Lake UtonaiRoadside Station Lake Utonai Located on Route 36, there is an observatory adjacent to the lake giving uninterrupted 360 degree view of Lake Utonai.
  • Lake OnnetoLake Onneto A brackish lake of around 15 km. The view from Innenuma Ohashi is superb
  • Lake ChoubushiLake Choubushi The promenade is around 5km around. Enjoy hiking and bird watching. He is healed by 45 Kannon statues on the roadside.
  • Michi-no-Eki “Lake Toya”Michi-no-Eki “Lake Toya” You can taste vegetables of the farmlands around Lake Toya and the seafood of the volcanic bay.
  • Lake Taro and JiroLake Taro and Jiro A beautiful landscape. 10 minutes to climb Taro Lake, and even 10 minutes to Jiro Lake.
  • Tomakomai – Lake Shikotsu cycling roadTomakomai – Lake Shikotsu cycling road Cycling road to Lake Shikotsu with a total length of 17km
  • Lake ChimikeppuLake Chimikeppu The variety of plants and birds and beasts of forests is valuable.
  • Lake PirikaLake Pirika "Water Quality No1 Japan" Multipurpose dam built upstream of the Shiribeshitoshibetsugawa River