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Shiretoko Guides pikki

Let's walk in the wilderness of Shiretoko with a guide!

National Park Tourism Teshikaga

We produce "Travel" of Teshikaga while considering environmental conservation, and convey to tourists the unique attractions of the region such as the natural environment and historical culture.

Akan Nature Center

Akan Nature Center offers canoeing and hiking/trekking tours in the eastern Hokkaido area around Lake Akan and Onneto.


We are a group of professionals, and experts at recreation, who love to see happy people while giving top priority to customer safety.

Toya Guide Center

The Toya Guide Center is a canoe and walking guide company around Lake Toya.

Lake Utonai Sanctuary “Nature Center”

In 1981, Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) established the first sanctuary of Japan

Lake Utonai

It is famous worldwide as a collective flight area of Anser albifrons and swan.

Lake Shuparo

An artificial dam lake. Autumn leaves spot.

Roadside Station Lake Utonai

Located on Route 36, there is an observatory adjacent to the lake giving uninterrupted 360 degree view of Lake Utonai.

Lake Choubushi

The promenade is around 5km around. Enjoy hiking and bird watching. He is healed by 45 Kannon statues on the roadside.

Toyako Onsen

As a hot spring resort that lasts 100 years, it is a precious in japan.

Lake Taro and Jiro

A beautiful landscape. 10 minutes to climb Taro Lake, and even 10 minutes to Jiro Lake.

Churui Island

Uninhabited island in Lake Akan. You can only go on a pleasure boat.

Lake Okotanpe

"One of Hokkaido's three biggest mysterious lakes (that include Lake Onneto near Lake Akan, and Lake Shinonome near Lake Shikaribetsu).

Lake Takkobu

It is the smallest freshwater lake in the south of Kushiro Wetland San Lake (Tōroko Lake, Shirarutoro Lake, takkobuko Lake).

Saroma Obsevatory

The only place overlooking Lake Saromako is here.

Lake Chimikeppu(Campsite)

The variety of plants and birds and beasts of forests is valuable.

Lake Pirika

"Water Quality No1 Japan" Multipurpose dam built upstream of the Shiribeshitoshibetsugawa River

Tofutsu-ko Waterfowl and Wetland Center

Exhibition on nature, history, culture and use around Tōfutsuko Lake.

Lake Komuke

In the summer you can appreciate the alpine plants such as Rosa rugosa and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and the common glasswort as if you laid a red Carpet in autumn.

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