Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport

The gateway to Okhotsk tourism.
Flights from Tokyo (Haneda) are in service.
About 15 minutes by bus to Monbetsu city, about 70 minutes by bus to Engaru.


Address19-3 Komukai, Monbetsu-shi, Hokkaido
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Access(Japanese only)

MAPCODE801 499 524
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Map of surrounding areas


  • Kamiyubetsu Tulip ParkKamiyubetsu Tulip Park Approximately 1.2 million tulips of more than 200 varieties bloom on the site of 70,000 Square metres from May to early June.
  • Holland WindmillHolland Windmill Approximately 220 varieties and 1,200,000 tulips will bloom in the Kamiyuubetsu Tulip Park.
  • Abashiri Quasi-national ParkAbashiri Quasi-national Park Parks in the northeastern part of Hokkaido.
  • Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru ParkTaiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park As many as 10 million yellow and mixed cosmos bloom in the site of about 10 ha. The best time to see is from late August to late September.
  • Mombetsu Okhotsk TowerMombetsu Okhotsk Tower It is the world's first ice-sea observation tower on the 4th floor of the ocean floor and the 1st floor of the underwater building which is located about 1km from the coast and 10m deep.
  • Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum of HokkaidoOkhotsk Sea Ice Museum of Hokkaido A museum exhibiting experiencing exhibits and models of drift ice and ocean.
  • Lake KomukeLake Komuke In the summer you can appreciate the alpine plants such as Rosa rugosa and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and the common glasswort as if you laid a red Carpet in autumn.
  • Okhotsk Tokkari CenterOkhotsk Tokkari Center This is the only marine animal protection facility in japan and it is only keeps seals.
  • Rokumei WaterfallRokumei Waterfall It was named from the location condition where the deer comes to drink water.
  • Setose OnsenSetose Onsen Hot spring quality is a colorless transparent alkaline simple hot spring.