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Nigorikawa Onsen

A hot spring in a upstream of NIGORIGAWA.
Five tasteful and old-style facilities are open.
Accommodation and day trips are available.

Spring quality is a lot of salt spring, it warms from the core of the body.
It will surely like ordinary life feeling, atmosphere not decorated.
Mori-cho, Kayabe District, Hokkaido

By bus: It takes about 30 minutes by Hakodate Bus from Mor i- Nigorikawa Onsen line. Mori station bus stop.

Car: Hokkaido Route No.778 Nigorikawa Onsen line. About 20 minutes by taxi from Mori Station on the Hakodate Main Line.

* Business days and hours are subject to change due to the influence of Novel Cornavirus (COVID-19).

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