Mt. Esan

It is about 2 hours from the parking lot.
There is a great view on the plateau of azalea with bright red contrasting with deep blue!



Esan Azalea Park (late May – late June)

Cape Esan Lighthouse.

AddressKashiwano-cho, Hakodate-shi
Other information
Access from Hakodate Station
  • 2 hours by Hakodate Bus to the “Esan Tozanguchi” bus stop (One way 1520 yen)
    To go→ Hakodate Ekimae (To Eishan Osaki) 7: 09 departure (8: 59 arrival), 9: 53 departure ( 11:46arrival)
    To back→ Esan Tozanguchi-mae (Hakodate station) 16: 13 departure (18: 06 arrival), 17: 47 departure (19: 37 arrival), 18: 32 departs (20:23arrival)


  • 1 hour on foot to Crater Floor (Kakougen) Parking Lot (Starting point for a hike up to the mountain peak)
    *Please check with the bus center in front of Hakodate Station for details.
    (It takes about 75 minutes by car)

Map of surrounding areas