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List of articles of Cape

Cape Tachimachi

A cape located at the southeastern end of Mt.Hakodate. You can get there after a 15-minute walk from the tram terminal.

Cape Shirakami

Hokkaido’s southernmost point

Cape Ochiishi

Located at the base of the Nemuro Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, an inland part of the Pacific Ocean is a national special natural monument

Cape Aikappu

It is a popular place where lovers ring the bell in the sense that "get over the difficulties and gain the crown of love".

Cape Hinode

You can see a beautiful morning sun rising from the horizon of the Sea of Okhotsk.

Cape Kutsugata Park

Backed by Rishiri Fuji. It makes a great place to take a commemorative picture.

Cape Sukai

The inlet with transparent water and nature which the cape overlooks creates a superb view.

Cape Kiritappu Observatory

From Cape Kiritappu Observatory, you can see Cape Kiritappu protruding in the Pacific Ocean.

Cape Kitami Kamui

It is a cape pushing out into the Sea of Okhotsk from the coast of Hamatonbetsu and Esashi.

Cape Benkei

It is also known as a spectacular sight of the sunset.

Cape Shiripa

From Otaru going to Yoichi you will see Cape Shiripa.

Cape Kirakotan

One of 10 sightseeing tours of Tsurui village.

Cape Miyajima

The cape when Kushiro Wetland was once covered in the sea

Cape Chikiu

You can overlook the Pacific Ocean from the observation deck.

Cape Erimo

The branch point between Hidaka and Tokachi. I can see the seals.

Cape Ofuyu

Cape Ofuyu once called a solitary island of land.


It gets its name from the topography resembling a warship(gunkan).

Hidaka-Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park

Japan's biggest quasi-national park which is said to be the backbone of Hokkaido centered around the Hidaka Mountain Range.

Columnar Joints of Cape Hiura

It is a cape at the end of the street that heads towards "Esan" and passed right after the "Hiura" Tunnel.

Cape Noshappu

One of the most famous sunset spot in Hokkaido.

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