Columnar Joints of Cape Hiura

It is a cape at the end of the street that heads towards “Esan” and passed right after the “Hiura” Tunnel.
But can not go ahead.



Can see the natural posture of columnar joints in front of you, but beware of falling rocks.


Other information
By car about 45 minutes from Hakodate Station.

Map of surrounding areas


  • Cape TachimachiCape Tachimachi A cape located at the southeastern end of Mt.Hakodate. You can get there after a 15-minute walk from the tram terminal.
  • Cape Kurowashi Observation DeckCape Kurowashi Observation Deck In the back of the observatory there is a Stele of "Hokkaido Tateamidaiboamigyogyo".
  • Hakodate Community CenterHakodate Community Center It is still used in the community center of retro atmosphere now.
  • Former Karl Raymond’s residenceFormer Karl Raymond’s residence A German craftworker, Carl Weidl-Raymon's home, who made "Hakodate kāru Reimon" of ham · sausage.
  • Hakodate Dock-mae (Tram)Hakodate Dock-mae (Tram) "Koryu-ji Temple","Shomyo-ji Temple","Old Russian Consulate","Hakodate Foreigners’ Cemetery" and "Uomizaka slope", etc. It is the main aera of sightseeing spots different from the history […]
  • Suehiro-cho (Tram)Suehiro-cho (Tram) Suehiro-cho (Tram) It is a major point of sightseeing spots.
  • Esan OnsenEsan Onsen A hot spring located at the tip of Esanmisaki Cape.
  • Hakodate Tram Signalling ControlHakodate Tram Signalling Control A person came in and switched the switch of the electric type streetcar point visually.
  • Hakodate Ekimae SquareHakodate Ekimae Square Popular shooting spot "Oyako" and winter illumination are popular.
  • Jujigai (Tram)Jujigai (Tram) The nearest station convenient for sightseeing such as the "Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse" and the historical district of Motomachi, Mt.Hakodate ropeway, the old crossroad shopping street.