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Old Hiyama Nishi-gun government office (Esashi-cho Local Material Museum)

The building is appointed as a tangible cultural property of Hokkaido.

Museum of History and Nature

Collection, storage and exhibition of natural materials and history of Nemuro City and its surroundings.

Four Northern Islands Exchange Center

It displays materials on the history of northern four islands and Russian culture.

Nemuro Hoppokan

It is located in Bokyonomisaki Park,

Horse Museum

Displaying items and agricultural machinery of the farm horse.

Volcano Science Museum

Introduce the volcanic activity of Mt.Usu at video, commentary, sensory equipment etc.

Toyako Visitor Center

Observation information around Lake Toya, natural history of Mt.Usu Volcano, animals and plants inhabiting the surroundings.

Ainu Seikatsu Kinenkan (Ainu Folklore Museum)

Reproduce the old Ainu folk house where 4 to 5 families.

Yoichi Fisheries Museum

Bezaisen (Fishing vessel) and living goods around the time of herring fishermen are displayed.

Garinko Station

It is the station of the drift ice icebreaker 'Garinko-gō'.

Haboro Folk Museum

There are numerous artifacts from the prosperous times such as the coal mining and herring fishing on display.

Yagishiri Folk Museum

The old Onos' building it is Hokkaido Cultural Property (Japan).

Teuri Furusatokan

It is possible for most of the exhibits to be handled close.

Yakumo Folk Museum

The origin of the wooden bear sculptures is said to be Yakumo. There's also a museum inside the building explaining the culture of wood bear sculptures.

Obira Nishinbanya

Come to understand the state of the herring fishing grounds and the lives of the people of the time at the adjacent local museum.

Tomamae Folk Museum

Recreating the scene of the Sankebetsu brown bear incident, which was also turned into a film, also introducing information about the relation between brown bears and human beings using photographs and charts.

Save The Sea Seabird

Photographs introduce the nature and live on the world reknowned seabird mating place, Teuri Island.

Urakawa Horse Museum

The facility where you can learn about the history of horses and their connection with people in the stored collection of items related to horse production centers.

Horoizumi Folk Museum

The facility that introduce kombu harvesting which is the main industry of Erimo, as well information about the characteristics of kombu, nature in the town, the history, culture, the marine products industry and more.

Rishiri Folk Museum

This facility displays the Rishiri diorama, the life from primitive times to the modern reclamation period and the atmosphere of the herring fishing grounds.

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