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List of articles of Lake

Lake Onnetō

One onneto of Hokkaido 's three great secret lakes, which changes to five colors. There is also a hot spring.

Lake Saroma Seal Observation Sightseeing Boat

Sightseeing boat of Lake Saroma includes a 60 min course (3850 yen / 1 person) around Saroma Lake

Lake Mashu

Boasting one of the world's most transparent, its color is called "Mashu Blue".

Lake Kussharo

Japan's largest caldera lake.

Kotan Onsen

It is the only place where you can feel an outdoor bath with swans of Kussharo-ko lake.

Lake Mashu Rest House

"Lake Mushu" in the fog, is it fog today? Is it sunny? I'm looking forward to either one.

Lake Toyoni

The heart shape lake in Erimo Town which became famous for television commercial.

Lake Shikotsu Visitor Center

It displays the nature of Lake Shikotsu in an easy to understand manner.

Lake Sapporo 1st Observatory

An artificial lake made by Jozankei Dam.

Furano-Ashibetsu Prefectural Natural Park

The park which can enjoy scenery of the northern lands .

Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano UNESCO Global Geopark

You can sense nature up close at this park where the land has volcanic activity in this area focused around Mount Usu, and Showa-Shinzan.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes

Five mysterious lakes nestling in the virgin forest against the background of Shiretoko mountain range.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes Field House

Entrance of ground walking path.

Shiretoko National Park

The easternmost national park of Japan.

Daisetsuzan National Park

The national park in the center of Hokkaido.

Shikotsu-Toya National Park

The national park of Hokkaido's central region.

Abashiri Quasi-national Park

Parks in the northeastern part of Hokkaido.

Notsuke-Furen Prefectural Natural Park

A park facing the Sea of Okhotsk located between East Hokkaido, Shiretoko peninsula and Nemuro Peninsula.

North Okhotsk Prefectural Natural Park

This national park is located along to the Okhotsk, the northern part of Hokkaido.

Shumarinai Prefectural Natural Park

Japan's coldest region, a park around Lake Shumarinai in Hokkaido's north.

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