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List of articles of Lake

Lake Shikaribetsu

Popular spot where Kotan village can be made on ice that froze in winter. Daisetsuzan National Park The only natural lake.

Lake Nukabira

An artificial lake made by Nukabira Dam construction.

Shirarutoro Lake

It is known as a waterfowl paradise even in the Kushiro Wetlands, and it is not frozen even in the midwinter

Lake Toro

The largest sea lake in Kushiro Wetland.

Shikaribetsuko Ice Village

It is an ice village on the lake which is exactly like an open-air bath on ice and an ice bar.

Lake Kutcharo

In the spring and autumn, it is a beautiful lake of the sunset where thousands of swans fly.

Lake Rausu

The largest lake in the Shiretoko Peninsula.

Lake Chubetsu

Mount Asahi is reflected on the surface of the lake like a mirror on a windless day making a superb view.

Lake Shumarinai

A place where 13 islands float in the lake surrounded by primitive forest with Mount Pissiri behind.

Half Moon Shore Nature Park

A lake in the shape of a half moon at the foot of Mt.Yotei.

Lake Eniwa

Eniwa City has a scenic spot call Eniwa Valley. The central is Lake Ehiki.

Lake Shinotsu

Shinsen lake frozen in winter is famous for fishing fish.

Lake Kuttara

A circular caldera lake of 8 km around. A mysterious and beautiful transparent lake.


When you go down to the lake from the hot spring town, there is a stop. Nakajima has a trekking walk course. There are Yezo sika deer and you can feed.

Lake Abashiri

The lakeside is a campground. Winter is bustling with fish fishing on ice.

Lake Tofutsuko

Flying land of the swan.


penketoo in the foreground and panketoo in the back.

Lake Harutori

Where over 130 species of wild birds fly.

Lake Notoro Salicornia Europaea

Seawater lake communicating with the Sea of Okhotsk. The Salicornia Europaea on the south side. The best time to see is from late August to mid September.

Lake Mashu 1st Observatory

Transparency in which the word "Mashu-Blue" is born Lake Mashu of Japan No. 1.

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