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Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

Centered around the high-rise hotels of the twin towers, various pools and spas can be found across a vast site.


Repeated several eruptions during a long history It is an active volcano that is said to have made lake Shikotsu and Toyako.

Mt. Esan

An active volcano designated by Esan Prefectural Natural Park.

Mt. Hakodate

One of world's three biggest night views. The contrast of the light of the city area and the darkness of the sea on both sides is beautiful.

Mt.Hakodate Ropeway

3-minute ride on the Ropeway delivers you to the summit.

Mt. Showa Shinzan

A mountain formed by uplift of wheat fields in the eruption activity of 1943.

Mt. Usu

Double active volcano on the south coast of Lake Toya.You can see the crater at the ropeway.

Usuzan Ropeway

About 6 minutes from the mountainside Station of Mt.Showa-shinzan to the mountaintop Station of Mt.Usu.

Mt. O’akan-dake

About 6 hours back and forth to the top of the mountain. Altitude 1370 m

Mt. Me’Akan-dake

At an altitude of 1499 m and by Ainu lenguage called machineshiri. There are several trailheads, but from trailhead Lake Onneto are also used.

Rishiri Fuji (Mt.Rishiri)

1,721 meters above sea level.

Mt. Yotei

Its beautiful silhouette similar to Mt. Fuji is also called "Ezo Fuji".

Kiroro Niisanokane

Mt.Asaridake is certified as "one of the lovers' holy place" at one out of 100 locations nationwide.

Mt. Kariba

The altitude is 1,520 m, Mt.Kariba of Donan highest peak. Popular for climbing.

Mt.Tokachi Observatory

The Mount Tokachi Observatory is at an altitude of 930 meters.

Mt. Komagatake

Donan landmark shaped like a horse's back with an altitude of 1132 m.

Mimatsu Masao Museum

Masao Mimatsu stared at the birth of Showa Shinzan.


Sogakudai is the place where you can see both Mt.Oakandake in front and Mt.Meakandake in the back.

Sounkyo Mt.Daisetsu Photo Museum

Decorate the work of Mt.Taisetsu.

Akadake Ginsen Dai

It is famous for being the sight of autumn leaves in Japan earliest.

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