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List of articles of Shrine

Shikaoi Shrine

Shikaoi Shrine enshrines the god of Japan’s oldest married couple.

Hakodate Gokoku Shrine

Worshipping the self-immolated government troops from the battle of Hakodate in the Tokugawa days.

Mori-machi Inari Shrine

A good place not many people know about.

Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine

This shrine stands in a quiet, bracing environment surrounded by the forest of Mt. Hakodate.

Mt. Tarumae Shrine

There are "shellfish fortune" sacred lots in the design of surf clam placed about from the local sacred lot series. Look for them!

Shikabe Inari Shrine

The Shinto shrine which is located in the Shikabe City area offering divine favor for prayers for safety.

Yafurai Tenmangu Shrine

It is read as Yafurai Tenmangu.

Yukura Shrine

The birthplace of Yunokawa Onsen. Guardian of Yunokawa Onsen.

Jozankei Shrine

Power spot for love, marriage, & business prosperity.

Katsugen Shrine

“Katsugen”(The very popular of drink in Hokkaido) is written as a “win source”(勝源,win source), popular with students

Suitengu Shrine

Power spot to be safely delivered of a baby

Teine Shrine

The rear shrine at Mount Teine's mountaintop.


A power spot for safe child delivery and matchmaking.

Sapporo Suwa Shrine

Power spot to be safely delivered of a baby

Sapporo Fushimi Inari Shrine

Do you wish to increase your fortune with money? The special Fushimi Inari of lined up bright red gates.

Kaitaku Shrine

Hokkaido dedicates 37 pioneering workers

Sapporo Gokoku Shrine

A shrine that worships martyrs.

Miyoshi Shrine

Why not take a moment to pray to the god of learning, and the god of business?

Hokkaido Shrine Tongu

The place where the portable shrine rests in the annual festival at the provisional shrine of the Hokkaido major shrine.

Tokachigokoku Shrine

Worshipping the war dead and civilians who rendered distinguished services.

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